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[..]We were recently e-mailed by someone who is working on the ipFilterX project and asked us to check out his project, what we saw was very interesting so we decided to ask him some questions and see what you guys think. Any project that helps protect the privacy, security and safety of the people of the internet is a project we are willing to cover[…]

Read More at their Website .

ipfilterX3 Bonus Blocklist available : Spamya

ipfilterX Bonus Blocklist
Spamming and Scanning Host Ranges :
Codename nXs.23.Spamya
is available since now on for ipfilterX3 subscribers .
Notes :
Add if you like to maximum increase your level protection
on browsing the net .
The dangerous ranges are already included into
common ipfilterX .
This blocklist could contain false positives though ,
a very low amount .
This blocklist is only an ADD-ON MODULE .
You have 3 files into the for any ADD-ON Module:
one .p2p for PeerBlock ,
one .dat and last one .gz for other clients like Firewalls
that could support these extensions .

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