ipfilterX Codename Carcharodon

>Date 26/10/2018
-Blocked Threats:[128]
-Updated Threats:[7]
-IP Added Record:[Rematching]
>D9 Codename: – Carcharodon –

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ipfilterX Codename Yeti

>Date 28/09/2018


-Blocked Threats:[X1=49][X2/X4=36]
-Updated Threats:[5]
-IP Added Record:[Rematching]



D5 Codename: – Yeti –

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ipfilterX Codename Vortex

>Date 07/09/2018


-Blocked Threats:[359]
-Updated Threats:[9]
-IP Added Record:[11K+]



D5 Codename: – Vortex –

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When you think that you are Anonymous behind a VPN…

IPVanish is one of the latest , so said and claimed as high-profile VPN, providing information to authorities

Back in 2011, HideMyAss handed over information that helped to bring in a jail notorious LulzSec hacker Cody Kretsinger.

Last year, PureVPN helped the FBI catch a cyberstalker.

More Info here:

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ipfilterX Codename Gelion

>Date 14/05/2018


-Blocked Threats:[52]
-Updated Threats:[4]
-IP Added Record:[X1=+700][X2/X4=+3K]



>D5 Codename : – Gelion –

Security Levels: GLOBAL:[HIGH]

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ipfilterX Codename Fallchild

>Date 04/05/2018


-Blocked Threats:[20]
-Updated Threats:[5]
-IP Added Record:[X1=+1K][X2=+1.1M][X4=+2M]



D5 Codename : – Fallchild –

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ipfilterX Codename Cerberus

>Date 12/04/2018


-Blocked Threats:[130]
-Updated Threats:[11]
-IP Added Record:[X1=+4K][X2=+5K]



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