ipfilterX2 DETAILS

ipfilterX2 Specifics

Nexus23 Laboratories are proud to present you ipfilterX2 , the latest and ultimate ipfilter protection in its genre.

ipfilterX2 contains extended ranges of MIL, GOV, POLICE, INTEL, Criminals, Crimeware, Unfair Providers, China , India, Russia, Thailand, Romania, Belarus, Belize, Panama, etc. , etc., also it includes all ipfilterX IP Ranges.

As metaphor, We can tell ipfilterX2 may be compared to a nuclear bomb device, a Net Agent Wide Stealth Shield, for all users that wish to push highly ipfilterX in paranoid mode.

You can subscribe to ipfilterX2 , which is not bundled with ipfilterX, standalone subscription, or get both X1 and X2 using X3 Subscription Plan, X3 , our inclusive offer,  contains all our Blacklist XSeries.


-ipfilterX2 designed for its “extended nature” may contain a low amount of false positives.


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