ipfilterX SERIES

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ipfilterX>ipfilterX Series includes different blacklists for specific purposes:

-ipfilterX (X1):
the classic choice and the first ipfilter that has been created and maintained
by the original Nexus23 Labs Team .
It contains blocked all the threats to online privacy and safety of internet users.
For major details please visit the About page

-ipfilterX2 (X2):
the extended ipfilterX Version created by Nexus23 Labs Team back at 2012.
It contains all the blocked ranges included in X1 and extended IP Ranges belonging or used by criminal groups, military, police, government, etc.
For major details about ipfilterX please visit ipfilterX2 page

-ipfilterX3 (X3=X1+X2+AMod-Addons Blacklist Modules):
ipfilterX3 is not another blacklist but only a special offer that includes:
ipfilterX1 + ipfilterX2 + All Add-Ons Modules-Blacklists + ipfilterHTX .
For major details about the three add-on modules please visit the A-Mod Bonus Blocklists page

-ipfilterX4 (X2+Amazon,Facebook,Google,Microsoft,Sungard):
includes IP Ranges contained in ipfilterX2 and the blacklists for Amazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Sungard. It’s a Manta Blacklist exclusively for torrenting or general filesharing, covering ranges that should not be there as sources or peers.
ipfilterX4 is available for any ipfilterX3 and/or Lifetime Subscriber.

-ipfilterHTX (for Webserver Apache – Ngix):
it blocks various threats from accessing your website, furthermore it contains various optimizations, and antidotes to different and known website exploits.
For major details please visit ipfilterHTX page

-ipfilterXLipfilterX for Lifetime [ACTIVE]:
Limited ipfilterX All Inclusive offer for a lifetime service. XL Plan shall bring to you all our products, all that will come sold and will be developed by us, forever. It’s not an offer that will remain up forever though,
so be lucky to find it valid until it will be.

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