ipfilterX Codename Hyboria

Date 30/11/2018
-Blocked Threats:[50]
-Updated Threats:[5]
-IP Added Record:[+1K/Rematching]
(-See Review of Full Details on Hydra.Changelog.Data.Page-)
>Security Level: GLOBAL:[High]

>D9 Codename: – Hyboria –

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VPNFilter exploits endpoints and targets new devices

>ipfilterX blocked in the last Nightbuild – LostDroid V2 , any IP and IP range known associated with VPN Filter Malware.

Anyway, you have to check if your Router is in the list of affected devices, and apply new Firmware update as soon as possible_

The List:

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ipfilterX-C5 Codename Antelope

>Date 16/09/2016


-Blocked Threats: 38
-Updated Threats: 2
-IP Added Record: +16K



>Parsed lines/entries:21K Found IP ranges:21K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>IP Count: 548M

>Security Levels: GLOBAL:[HIGH] §

ipfilterX2: Duplicates Removed: 0 Merged Ranges: 0 Deny IP Count:[588M] Rules Added:[30K]

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ipfilterX Codename Trip to Symm

>Date 22/07/2016


-Blocked Threats: 69
-Updated Threats: 8
-IP Added Record: +85K



>Parsed lines/entries:20K Found IP ranges:20K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>IP Count: 549M

>Security Levels: GLOBAL:[HEAVY CRITICAL] §

ipfilterX2: Duplicates Removed: 0 Merged Ranges: 0 Deny IP Count:[589M] Rules Added:[29K]

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Now that Bluetack has been gone for over 4 months,
its users are looking for another service to get updated their IPfilter.
The IPfilterX Project has been around since 2001
and I would like you to consider becoming one of my users.




ipfilterX Websites and Nexus23 Labs affiliated went to https:// this Secure Protocol requires SSL certificate and Clients like Peerblock have no support for it.
We are going to release in next weeks, our own program that will be compatible for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Personal problems of our programmer have delayed the public release of the program, we are sorry but at first comes friendship before than whichever job.

Thanks for attention and Stay Frosty!

ipfilterHTX B4 Free Limited Version

>ipfilterHTX B4 Free Limited Version

is a compiled .htaccess with Deny Rules configured by our staff,

with special “Deny Rules” to block most notorious and infamous IP Range and/or unique IPs,

and to kick off evil bots , flooder bots, fake bots, spammer bots , unknown and similar garbage.

Designed for Webserver like Apache and compatible to be converted in Ngix Version.

ipfilterX – Tools on Sourceforge Webpage



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