Refund Policy

The following rules and standards apply to all of the Refund policies on ipfilterX:

  • 1) If the user did not log in once that ipfilterX Subscription Details to Blacklists are sent within two days , the cleaning fee will be refunded.
  • 2) The ipfilterX Subscription is generally non-refundable due to high fraud committed by who retrieves our data then stores on own computer and after pretends to get a refund.
  • 3) ipfilterX Team will mediate when necessary and has the final say in all mediated disputes.
  • 4) Users can officially cancel a subscription by sending us a mail asking the cancellation of the order just respecting point (1) of this agreement.
  • 5) Cancellation policies may be superseded by the User Refund Policy, safety cancellations, or extenuating circumstances.
  • 6) Once point (1) and point (4) are respected by the user we shall take care eventually of this process without addition of further costs to the user.

____________________Contact eMail Support to ask a Refund

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