ipfilterX ipfilterX  FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions :quakecy

1) Why to subscribe to our blacklist series ?

-Basically our reply lies on the fact that quality is better than quantity, as in market you may buy some item cheapest than another but it is proved that it can not be good as a same item most expensive made/built with high quality. Although here we are not talking seriously about an “expensive item”, nowadays 14$ or 14 € are affordable by everyone who uses a computer in the net. If you get a look to our Changelog you will be able to see how many times we release updates and give details about them, our fast support to customers ,there are blacklists out there that offer the same services?

2) When an IP Range is dismissed by its owner do you continue to ban it ?

-Constantly we’re checking on this to avoid redundant IP Ranges or to ban innocent IPs resulting at the end in false positives.

3) Do you suggest to use ipfilterX blacklists in Peerblock or PeerGuardian or loading it in the P2P Client that support them?

-It depends upon your needs and on your internet habits.

4) Is it important to update ipfilterX ?

-It’s very important to keep it updated, we find new IPs and IP Ranges on daily bases and we remove old and useless IP ranges or what we consider no more as threat to your privacy. It’s like an antivirus works, an antivirus with definitions not updated can not protect you from the threats that come from the internet abyss constantly, day and night. Generally we release an ipfilterX update any 5 or 7 days.

5) Are we safest using an ipfilter that bans tons of IPs and IP Ranges more than ipfilterX?

-Absolutely false . Often and always banning too much means get nothing than a real damage, and this can not give a result of any benefit, for example in P2P Connections and sharing because it means that into that ton of ranges there are tons of false positives, users /peers , just like you over sharing, an active part of the information wealth.

6) What’s the difference between ipfilterX and a VPN , is it convenient to use a VPN rather than ipfilterX ?

You can read an answer to this question here.

7) Is ipfilterX useful to increase download and upload speed in P2P Connections?

-Yes , it does. Avoiding connections to bad peers, bogus networks, AntiP2P-Copyright Trolls, P2P Flooders, etc. ipfilterX rejects an heavy and useless weight of junk, saving your bandwidth,  and hence connecting you to the right peers speeding up your connections in a rightful and correct way.

8) How can we know the details about who has been added or removed from ipfilterX ?

-You can read details, release notes, Changelog, etc. in a specified page of the Subscriber Area. Public Release Notes contain only generic information, not advanced info on the blacklisted IP Ranges.

9) Which are the original ipfilterX Websites?

  • The only websites allowed to interact with users and offer real subscription to ipfilterX are :

https://nexus23.com or nexus23.org , https://ipfilterx.com or https://ipfilterx.com

and https://p2pblocklist.wordpress.com ,

all the rest that could appear in any search motor results are scams and hence they must not be trusted.

10) I’m totally safe using ipfilterX ?

-No, we can’t tell you this, as even a VPN Provider can not, but still ipfilterX Blacklists can decrease considerably and drastically the chances to be monitored, infected and damaged by your enemy.
Until now no one that used iipfilterX has been victim of Law Offices, Law Firms, Government, AntiP2P Companies / Copyright trolls , etc.
Furthermore ipfilterX protects you from Malware and its family (Crimeware, Cryptoware, Ransomware, Spyware, etc.), Attackers , Flooders , etc.
Even an Antivirus / AntiSpyware /Malware can not fully protect its users but this does not mean that users should not use it.
IpfilterX is not the final defense , although it tries to be, or either it claims to be it but considering the cost and its worth why you should not use it ?


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