We work since 2001 to avoid that Government Agencies and others interested to user’s data monitor and collect these information easily, like in filesharing, thus these news in below are not news for us at all. We did not need to wait for an Edward Snowden to know that we are and we have been spied in our internet connections, that’s why ipfiltering has born to work and it won’t die !


[NEW] : VPN users are facing a massive security flaw as websites can easily see their home IP-addresses through WebRTC

Canada Casts Global Surveillance Dragnet Over File Downloads

Antivirus is doomed to failure then dead , once again ipfilterX is the real last line of defense against the evil net

-Why privacy matters Even If (Intro by Nexus23 Labs – ipfilterX Division)

-ipfilterX Tools on Sourceforge – Open Source .

News Report on GOV Agencies and Orgs Spying Net users :

NSA and GCHQ collect gamers’ chats and deploy real-life agents into World of Warcraft and Second Life

>Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits


Websites that reviewed ipfilterX :


>Exclusive: IPFilterX – The New Anti-P2P IPBlocklist on the Web

>WinMX Thread about ipfilterX

>The FileSharerFreak Interview

>The ipfilterX Tools on

>The Fileforum Download Page for ipfilterX

>The FreeDownloadsCenter Blog Review about ipfilterX


-How do you describe your project in your own words?

-My project is intended to be a project that keeps out an large scale enemies and potential threats of net users , not only for filesharers . It’s a project started more than 10 years ago when there were not VPN Services as now . It’s a privacy shield for excellence , it has its rights and must be considered highly on equal classification when whoever talks about privacy because it’s what we do , we protect users from many menaces .

[Extracted from School Of Privacy.EU Interview]

[Drew_Wilson] Kind of goes into my next question. Many users who use blocklists may think that BlueTack is the only blocklist that is really needed. What makes your blocklist different from blocklists from Bluetack? Additionally, one of the major criticisms about blocklists is the potential for a high number of false positives. How is Nexus23 able to overcome this issue?

[KarlX] Banning more than 1 billion of IPs isn’t useful to P2P networks, Considering, or better pretending that there are 1 billion of machines connected to Internet that are monitoring filesharers. We have to cut down that number as much as we can because banning innocent users is nothing other than removing sources in the network. we move in the direction to push the ipfilter to reach “state of the art”. We are also motivated by what we saw, ipfilter that banned town-city halls that dont even own broadband connections. 3mb or 5mb big ipfilters, ipfilters that claim to be only against antip2p instead they ban city hall ranges, that’s ridiculous. It’s like cutting yourself out of the Internet. ‘Paranoid’ is a good setting but you have to consider the false positives caused by all those ipfilters. A point comes when you lose more from the ipfilter than you earn.

[Extracted from ZEROPAID.COM Interview]


– 5 October 2013 : Nexus23 Labs releases for Free All Facebook IP ranges


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