UpdaterX, ipfilterX AutoUpdate Client, finally Released

UpdaterX Client by our new superb programmer Vorlon is finally Available for All ipfilterX Subscribers!

Required : Microsoft .net framework 4.0 [64 bit Link]

Compatible : [Tested O.S.]: Win 7 (32-64 bit): Windows 10 (32-64 Bit)

Quick Guide: The client is very easy to use, and displays an intuitive interface. Just PASTE your KEY-ID(API) in the first Introduction Interface then the client will begin to load your files according to the subscription chose.

Once this is done, you can click SAVE on bottom-right then the second interface will open and it will look automatically for P2P Clients and/or Peerblock folders by recognizing their icons on desktop then by clicking UPDATE the Client will auto-update the ipfilter files required in the feature folder of reference.

Remember to update MAX once day or so, you know that usually our team releases updates on Monday and Friday, hence accord to this routine in order to not waste our bandwidth resources in useless ways, however a feature to start the client any next boot is an option.

We also tested the file at VIRUS TOTAL and for about the 90% of the AV Companies our file is Clear, thus if you have installed anĀ  Antivirus that will mark it as [false] positive then you should exclude our installer or its files from quarantine or from being deleted by set it/them on Ignore.

PRO-Features are automatically activated for all X3 Subscribers, this includes WHOIS, and EDIT Panel.

A Small and Complete Guide for beginners is available in the package.

The UpdaterX Installer may be downloaded once you will log in the Secret Area Web Page.

For any question just mail our contact service.

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