The Truth behind iBlocklist

The truth behind is easy,

his owner is a scammer, under a false name Christopher Fahkir, but we found his true name: Kris Freberia

This personage does not update any blocklist but he just takes advantage work of else, from the Blocklist true Maintainers, and to do this he reposts that in his shit website, and/or in worst cases, steals their lists as happened with one of ours.

This unfair and infamous behavior of this dude just went too far now.

I asked politely to remove any reference to ipfilterX but he denied it, he threatened me, and insulted my family.

This is iBlocklist Owner a piece of bastard that isn’t only stealing your money but putting your data and your privacy at risk just because he is selling you outdated blocklists, not maintained, not updated.

Being nailed to his responsibilities he just threatened to post our blocklist for free, obviously those 10+ years old, but just this act of cowardice defines this squalid figure that can be compared to nothing else than a lurid thief and a vulgar profiteer.

The dude is also a financial advisor, at this point whoever can wonder what kind of scams he does apply in that sector and how many people got buggered by this criminal.

I’m sorry for all the iblocklist subscriber that were scammed, this is the internet, where fat snakes like this one above go to plunder and destroy the hard work that we made and make any day for your internet protection.

Take action and ask for a refund, because you were scammed by this criminal.

And if you are a VPN customer of his service, how can think that your ID data and net activities are really shielded from Government /and/or Agencies that seek and collect data to fine you, or bring you into a court??


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