ipfilterX Codename Yggdrasil

>Date 16/03/2018


-Blocked Threats:[X1=31][X2=75]
-Updated Threats:[5]
-IP Added Record:[X1=+139K][X2=+176K]



>D3 Codename : – Yggdrasil –

>Parsed lines/entries:24K Found IP ranges:24K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>IP Count: 488M

>Security Levels: GLOBAL:[HIGH]

>ipfilterX2: Duplicates Removed: 0 Merged Ranges: 0 Deny IP Count:[537M] Rules Added:[33K]



>Report and Contact for any problem about ipfilterX IP Ranges the Nexus23 Labs Team:

https://nexus23.com https://nexus23.org https://p2pblocklist.net , https://ipfilterX.com ,

>Free Mirror at: https://p2pblocklist.wordpress.com/

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