Hetzner Hacked

We ever warned about their unfair hosting, a nest of malware and cheapest not secure service, at the end the facts give us reason and right to perform our blocking action against their IP Ranges:


Hetzner’s konsoleH platform has been hacked, exposing customer details, FTP passwords, domain names, and banking details.
The platform is Hetzner’s proprietary control panel, which merges all service administration tools into an integrated management system.
The platform enables users to manage their web space with greater efficiency and accessibility.
The power of konsoleH also means a lot of information about users is stored in a central place, which makes it a target for cyber criminals.
The compromised information includes:
Customer details – name, address, ID number (if provided), telephone numbers, email addresses.
Domain names.
FTP passwords.
Bank account details (cheque/savings).

If at your home you’re permitting to host criminals and at same time you’re permitting to share their living rooms with common users it’s perfectly clear that something is not right, something is wrong and at the end the common users, the weak side of the deal, will pay a expensive price for this conduct line.

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