Now that Bluetack has been gone for over 4 months,
its users are looking for another service to get updated their IPfilter.
The IPfilterX Project has been around since 2001
and I would like you to consider becoming one of my users.

To properly maintain an updated blocklist requires a great deal of time and energy.
One must analyze logs, look for patterns and search for new ranges for the various threats out.
Nothing is free on the internet.
We have to pay for hosting, domains, hardware and so on,
at a minimum, in addition to the cost to us in terms of time spent on this.
We are providing a professional service to defend, protect and prevent harm to our users
and we are doing this at as low a cost as possible, so that we can provide this service
at a nominal price for our users.
If you are an IPfilter or Peerblock user, it means you care about your online safety
and that you want the best when it comes to your protection.
It does not make sense to expect to get the best protection for free.
Anyone who claims differently is lying to you and exposing you to all of the risks
that come with substandard protection.

Be safe. Be protected. Choose ipfilterX.

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