When you think that you are Anonymous behind a VPN…

IPVanish is one of the latest , so said and claimed as high-profile VPN, providing information to authorities

Back in 2011, HideMyAss handed over information that helped to bring in a jail notorious LulzSec hacker Cody Kretsinger.

Last year, PureVPN helped the FBI catch a cyberstalker.

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March 2018:


Around 20% of today’s top VPN solutions are leaking the customer’s IP address via a WebRTC bug known since January 2015, and which apparently some VPN providers have never heard of.

May 2017:

-VPNs can see, modify, and log your Internet traffic. Many VPN providers make promises to not log your traffic and to take other privacy protective measures, but it can be hard to verify this independently since these services are built on closed platforms. For example, a recent study found that up to 38% of VPN apps available for Android contained some form of malware or spyware.

VPN Errors that led to disasters


-Would using the VPN service still leak your DNS queries to your ISP?


This story reported by New York Times brings a big question : WHAT IF ..
What IF there are many VPN controlled remotely by US.GOV or UK.GOV or AU.GOV , etc.
as the History teaches, if they must control then THEY WILL CONTROL also physically reaching the datacenter, regardless of the technologies used and applied, and regardless of the people that own these technologies. Hence you must think well about WHO you are going to trust and entrust your privacy data.
ipfilterX opposite to the above view doesn’t ask you anything, either it won’t  be able to know anything,it will avoid to receive questions and it will deny to enemy abilities to know about you.

HERE THE ARTICLE : ”They thought these phones protected their anonymity, but they didn’t,”
said a senior intelligence official based in Europe.
Even without personal information, the authorities were able to conduct routine monitoring of phone conversations.

Routing ‘Feature’ Can Expose VPN Users’ Real IP-Addresses 

A vulnerability in a number of providers that allows an attacker to expose the real IP address of a victim.


VPN users are facing a massive security flaw as websites can easily see their home IP-addresses through WebRTC

>NSA attacks on VPNs:

NSA operates a large-scale VPN exploitation project to crack large numbers of connections, allowing it to intercept the data exchanged inside the VPN

At the end the Silk Road Creator’s Dread Pirate aka Roberts Ross William Ulbricht
fatal error has been to use a  to access in Silk Road
and not TOR itself .

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