ipfilterX Codename Quatermass

>Date 16/05/2014

>UPDATES : Category/New Entries*

>New Menaces Blocked : 54




>Parsed lines/entries:11k Found IP ranges:11k Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

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ipfilterX : Codename Tund

>Date 17/05/2013

>Updates : Secret Services Cover Assets, MIL, Malware Technologies, Criminal Providers SRL, Malvertising, Wild Marketing, Research and Information Centers, AntiP2P Tracking D.C., Flooders


>>>Parsed lines/entries:10165 Found IP ranges:10158 Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 580,199,371

>>>>>Security Rating : 4/5

>>>>>>Codename : Tund

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