ipfilterX-C3 Codename Asherah

>Date 28/08/2015


-Blocked Threats: 169
-Updated Threats: 4


>Parsed lines/entries:17K Found IP ranges:17K Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>IP Count: 547k

>Security Levels: GLOBAL:[HIGH] ยง

>ipfilterX2: Duplicates Removed: 0 Merged Ranges: 0 Deny IP Count: [585K] Rules Added: [25K]

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ipfilterX-B41 : Codename Jabba

>Date 28/02/2013

>Updates : CN Spy Units Part 2, Digital BlackWater part 2, Contractor Software Companies, Scam Sources, SuperDataCenters Ranges, Malware Spammers, Flooders


>>>Parsed lines/entries:9814 Found IP ranges:9807 Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 595,311,330

>>>>>Security Rating : 4/5

>>>>>>Codename : Jabba

ipfilterX : Codename Quartered

>Date 27/03/2012

>Updates : P2P Flooders and Spammers, Tracking Data Agencies, Unfair Media Companies, Unknown Technology Centers, Scam Sources


>>>Parsed lines/entries:8326 Found IP ranges:8319 Duplicate:0 Merged:0 Time:0 secs

>>>>IP Count : 613,068,105

>>>>>Security Rating : +++

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