ipfilterX Codename Zambor

>Date 05/10/2018


-Blocked Threats:[43]
-Updated Threats:[5]
-IP Added Record:[Rematching]



D5 Codename: – Zambor –

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ipfilterX Codename Ultracobalt

>Date 24/08/2018


-Blocked Threats:[57]
-Updated Threats:[6]
-IP Added Record:[18K+]



D5 Codename: – Ultracobalt –

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ipfilterX Codename Gelion

>Date 14/05/2018


-Blocked Threats:[52]
-Updated Threats:[4]
-IP Added Record:[X1=+700][X2/X4=+3K]



>D5 Codename : – Gelion –

Security Levels: GLOBAL:[HIGH]

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